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TC Farm: Bringing Fresh, Local Food to the Twin Cities!

Updated: 13 hours ago

Buncha is excited to announce our new partnership with TC Farm - a group of 50+ Minnesota farmers dedicated to providing the best food to families around the Twin Cities! Located in Blaine, what once started as a hobby farm grew into a collection of local family farms made up of over 2,000 members.

About TC Farm

It all began when Jack McCann, and his wife Betsy, began a search for the healthiest and tastiest farm-raised products they could find, but when nothing met their standards, they took matters into their own hands. Recognizing that quality is compromised when the food industry cuts corners, they committed to growing produce and raising livestock without shortcuts.

Each day, the farmers and food providers at TC Farm make the conscious decision to 'never take a shortcut.' Guided by this one simple standard, they emphasize the importance of consumers receiving food how they expect it to be raised. This core value is what encouraged Buncha to partner with Jack and his group of Minnesota farmers, so that we could do our part in connecting local communities with the best food around!


Partnering with TC Farm gives Buncha the opportunity to offer customers something they can’t get from other delivery services - farm-to-table goods! Current TC Farm offerings on the Buncha app are locally grown and uniquely curated just for you:

Premium Produce

Full of bright colors and flavors, these produce boxes are filled with fresh, organic fruits and veggies sure to encourage healthy eating! Check out the various box options in the Buncha app!

Exceptional Eggs

With animal welfare at the core of the operation, the freshness of TC Farm's pasture-raised eggs are everything they're cracked up to be.

Mouthwatering Meals

In need of a home-cooked meal without the cooking? Choose from a variety of prepared dishes and comfort foods with ingredients sourced directly from the local family farms that make it all possible!

So much more!

From grass-fed meats to pantry staples, you can count on TC Farm to provide the most natural ingredients, in the most sustainable way.

Similar to the care and attention that TC Farm puts into the growth of your food, Buncha puts that same care and attention into the delivery of your food! Our refrigerated vans and professional drivers make sure everything arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition.

Minnesota Made

What's better than one small business founded in Minnesota? Two small businesses founded in Minnesota! Bonded by the passion of creating a better grocery experience, Buncha and TC Farm are excited to fuel our communities with better food and better delivery one day at a time!

TC. Farm is currently only being offered in some delivery zones, stay tuned for additional expansion soon!

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