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The most affordable way to get your groceries.

Buncha works with local stores to schedule deliveries to you and your neighbors each week for only $1.45.


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Affordable delivery (finally!)

We’re able to offer a delivery fee of only $1.45 with no product markups or memberships by working with merchants to create a weekly delivery schedule. Within this schedule, we are able to aggregate orders onto one truck, reducing the cost of delivery substantially.

How to use Buncha:

  1. Enter your address into the Buncha mobile or desktop app.

  2. Check out your neighborhood’s delivery schedule.

  3. Select what store and time works best for you.

  4. Add your items to your cart and checkout.

  5. Chat with your neighborhood’s shopper on delivery day.

  6. Track and receive your order during the delivery window.

Our Eco-Friendly Initiative

Aggregating orders onto one refrigerated truck allows us to deliver to an entire neighborhood within a couple of hours. Our efficient routes save up to 80% of CO2 emissions!

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