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Delivery that goes the extra mile.

Buncha is a last-mile technology company that uses W2 shoppers and refrigerated vehicles to provide best-in-class service. With a unique batching system, Buncha is able to work with retailers to maximize deliveries in a reliable and efficient manner.

What Sets Buncha Apart?

Buncha is committed to quality, ensuring customer satisfaction in every interaction.

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Superior Service

  • Cold-chain protection

  • 4.85/5 driver rating score

  • 100% on-time rate

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Enhanced Operations

  • Reliable delivery windows

  • End-to-end tracking

  • Dedicated support

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Grow E-Comm Business

  • Reach new customers

  • Increase retention

  • 0% cancellation rate

Local Delivery,
Powered by Buncha

Buncha makes it easy to launch white-glove, white-labeled, affordable delivery windows your customers can rely on.

Buncha Connect

​Buncha Connect is a white-glove service that prides itself on meeting the unique needs of each customer. Launch in as little as two weeks with scheduled delivery windows at checkout labeled ‘powered by Buncha.’

Buncha Schedule

Buncha Schedule is a delivery option that allows for one-stop shopping; customers can place orders from multiple stores for delivery at the same time. Get in front of Buncha customers shopping every week from local retailers on the Buncha app.

Interested in working together?

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