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Bring Buncha to Your Community!

Deliving to apartments, on-campus housing, senior living communities, and more. Buncha is here to save your community time and money on groceries!

Property Perks

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Free Amenity

Buncha is setup to take food/delivery management out of the  manager’s hands. Focus on your residents, not their food.

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Building Security

We’re a one-stop shop. Forget the myriad of delivery services coming in and out all day - we deliver multiple orders at one scheduled time!

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Seamless Delivery

Provide us with any and all preferred delivery instructions (i.e. central delivery location, access code, etc.) to create the most seamless experience for your property and residents!

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Sustainability Initiatives

Aggregating orders onto refrigerated trucks reduces the number of cars on the road, resulting in ~80% carbon emission savings compared to other services.

On-Site Teams Love Buncha!

"We are excited to be able to offer Buncha to our residents! I really hope that the residents take advantage of this, it is such a great idea!"
- Jane, Property Manager

"It has been such a pleasure assisting with promoting Buncha to our residents. I am grateful for you offering up your services and then taking it a step further to actually come out and personally meet the residents!"
- Kristin, Concierge

Resident Benefits


Multiple Orders, Same Delivery

For only $3.45 delivery fee, residents can get multiple stores delivered at once. They can get everything they need, from all the stores they love, delivered at the same time!

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Reliable Delivery Schedule

Buncha operates entirely different than other delivery services because we’re a scheduled delivery service that operates on a zip-code based schedule. Residents can place an order for a day and time that works best for them!

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Exceptional Service

Unlike other delivery services who use 1099 workers, all of our shoppers and drivers are W2 employees. We also use refrigerated vans and insulated bags to ensure that items arrive at your property in perfect condition.

Residents Love Buncha!

"I love the convenience of not having to spend time at the grocery store after work, especially in the Minnesota winters. Super ideal living in an apartment downtown too!"
- Jake, Apartment Dweller

"This app is perfect for anyone in a metropolitan area or who does not have a vehicle at their disposal. I’m able to get more than just groceries from stores near and far, as well as have the products dropped off at the most convenient place - my place."
- Austin, Apartment Dweller

Let's Sum it Up!

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Eager to learn more?

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