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Bring Buncha to
your community.

Buncha delivers groceries + restaurants to your entire property in one trip. Reduce your package management and foot traffic. 
Invite our team to host an event for your community, at no cost.

Hello and Welcome to Buncha!

Buncha is a weekly neighborhood grocery delivery service with a mission to sustainably provide the most convenient and affordable way for local communities to get what they need.

More Orders, Less Deliveries

Buncha can bring 10-20 orders at once. 
Keep your residents happy without all the delivery traffic.


Community Powered

The more residents who join Buncha deliveries, the more everyone saves together, up to 15% off their entire bill.


Free Amenity

Buncha is free for properties to set up. Buncha is only $1.45 delivery fee and no membership required for your residents! 


Plug and Play

Buncha is setup to take food/delivery management out of the  manager’s hands. Focus on your residents, not their food.


Let's Get Started!

Set up your property with Buncha delivery at no cost.
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