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How to Store Summer Produce to Keep it Fresh All Season Long

The year’s warmest months are right around the corner, meaning seasonal fruits and veggies will brighten up our kitchens all summer long! But, as we all know, it can be challenging to keep produce fresh when we don’t know how to store it properly. With a wide variety of colors and flavors, comes a wide variety of storage conditions that can help our food last longer.


1. Temperature

Temperature is one of the biggest factors that impacts freshness, and can range from being chilled in the fridge to staying at room temperature on the counter. Some common fruits, like apples, do best in the cold, and can degrade much faster if they’re kept at room temperature. Avoid spoiling your goods this summer by making sure you’re storing everything at the right temperature!

2. Moisture

Do those crisper drawers in your fridge actually make a difference? Yes! When set to the correct setting, crisper drawers can prevent moisture and humidity from ruining your fruits and vegetables for up to weeks at a time. But, who actually knows how to use these drawers anyways? Well, if the notch is at a lower humidity setting, that means the drawer window will open - perfect for produce that can rot. On the other hand, if the notch is at a higher humidity setting, that means the drawer window will remain closed - perfect for produce that can wilt.

3. Container

The storage containers you use (or don’t use) make a big difference in shelf life and can help avoid food waste. Tupperware with tight lids tend to help refrigerated fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer because they lock in moisture, while plastic bags can either provide ventilation or cause "premature spoilage." Plus, some goods don't even need a container at all! Foods like bananas do best when you let them breathe, so an open bowl on the counter is ideal for their longevity.


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Storage Tips

Still need help figuring out how to keep your food fresh for longer? Check out these extra tips for some our favorite fruits and vegetables!

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