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We’re making changes to better serve you

Updated: Feb 23

First and foremost, thank you for being a Buncha customer. We started Buncha three years ago to provide you and your family with the most affordable and reliable way to get your groceries delivered, and we’ve worked hard to stay true to that mission in everything we do.

Over the last year, we’ve significantly upgraded our offering in an effort to provide our customers, shoppers, and drivers with the best experience. Some improvements include: Refrigerated delivery trucks, offering full-time benefits and PTO for our hard-working driver and shopper staff, new eco-friendly reusable bags, and so much more. 

As we look to the year ahead, we want to share a few changes you’ll notice:

(1) Delivery Fee Update

Starting February 25th, we're changing our pricing model to allow you to get orders from multiple retailers simultaneously, while only paying one delivery fee. To support this, we’re updating our standard fee from $1.45 per delivery to $3.45 per delivery window. This means you are able to order from multiple stores within a delivery window - i.e. Costco, Target, Aldi - and get everything delivered at once for the low price of $3.45.

(2) Updated Price Match Guarantee In an effort to improve inventory accuracy, retailers will now be able to directly manage their catalog on Buncha. In the event you happen to find an item at a lower price on another delivery app, please let us know, we'll match it! 

Buncha continues to be more than 20% cheaper than any delivery alternatives, and we are proud to say that we are, and will continue to be the most affordable way to get your groceries delivered

All that said, we hope you continue on this journey with us, because we love serving each and every one of you! The past 3 years, you have supported our small team in making our dream come true. That is not lost on us, and we will continue to work hard for you, reach new levels of service for you, and do everything in our power to serve you, our customer, in the most transparent, fair, and affordable way.

Thank you for being a wonderful member of ‘The Bunch’ - we look forward to seeing you on your next delivery!

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