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Pikup is now Buncha 🍌

Hey Neighbor!

As we have grown, we learned that Pikup no longer represented what we did. For those of you who were with us initially, Pikup was designed to help neighbors ask other neighbors to Pikup things they needed from the store.

With the transition to a weekly delivery model over the last two years, we realized Pikup no longer accurately reflected our business. The name brought confusion with in-store pickup options merchants offered and confused customers: "do I pick it up with my neighbors?"

So we thought, what makes us really special?

Well, we help neighbors save money... and that only happens because a Buncha neighbors order together at the same time!

Our rebrand to Buncha is meant to refocus and better align our customers, merchants, and investors to what we do today: Getting a Buncha people to order together at the same time, to help them save money together.

So how does this impact you? It doesn't much!

Your app icon will change, but everything else will stay the same! Except, of course, the continuous improvements you can expect as more engineering updates roll out.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to serving you and your neighbors soon.

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