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As Always, Delhi Delivers

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

As the morning light began to brighten India’s skyline, the buzz in our temporary office was hard to miss. This trip to India was special. It was a time for us to really work closely, discuss big ideas, and solve challenges together.

The smell of fresh chai tea filled the room, adding a comforting touch to our busy workspace. Despite having been in India for a working session just a few months prior, meeting face-to-face after months of online interactions was refreshing.

Bharat and I (Sam, Head of Product) had the chance to dive into deep conversations with our new and seasoned module leaders. These talks gave me better insights into how we can improve all our platforms to make the Buncha experience better for those who matter most, our customers. From high level data discussions, to complete user experience flows, followed up with detailed planning sessions with the engineering team, we were focused on building less and perfecting more.

However, after five working days together, it was time to shut the laptops and open ourselves up to some fun! After our hackathon demo, our visit to an adventure park was the perfect reward. We tried trampolines, zip-lining, took on some fun challenges, and ended the day dancing together, celebrating our time in India.

We were more than just colleagues; we felt like a close-knit family, supporting and understanding each other through these next steps more than ever.

But before heading back to the United States, we had a few more stops to check off - food and family.

The local food is always a treat. While many of us eat a variety of foods back home, the vegetarian dishes in India are a delightful change. Gobi Manchurian and Paneer tikka are fan favorites. It was all flavorful and showed how skilled the country is from farm to fork (or hands).

But even greater than the cuisine (which is truly hard to beat), was the visit to Bharat’s family to celebrate his niece’s birthday. There is nothing quite like a reunification of loved ones.

Overall, India offered us more than just a workspace. It was another beautiful blend of work, culture, and fun experiences that we’ll all surely cherish for years to come.

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