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  Share Buncha, Get Paid.  

Love Buncha? Same.

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Right click and save this image to share Buncha with friends, family, roommates, and neighbors.

Share Buncha and get paid.

Send a friend $15 and you'll earn $15 following their first order!

Here's some helpful resources for you to share Buncha with your neighborhood.

1. Where to post 📌

Neighborhood groups, parenting groups, Facebook groups/pages, HOA email lists, Nextdoor, group texts, and anywhere else you think would benefit from Buncha!

2. Get your referral link 🔗

You can find your referral link by going into the Buncha App -> Profile -> Refer and Earn. The code you see is unique to you and will track your referral earnings to make sure you get paid!

3. What to share ✏️

A short blurb about Buncha (which you can find below) and an image of a delivery you got from us or the schedule above are great things to post, but of course make it your own, these are just ideas!

"I just started joining Buncha's grocery deliveries from Costco and Target in my neighborhood. It's a lot like the other delivery apps, but with no hidden fees, no memberships, and only $1.45 delivery.

I thought there was a catch, but there's not! You submit your order ahead of time and you receive your order on that store's delivery day. Which is actually more helpful for me planning-wise.

Here's the app if you'd like to try it out: {{your referral link}}"

Feel free to add a personal note, and don't forget to include your referral link!
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4. Questions? 💭

Email and we will make sure to help you out!

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