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Community Guidelines

The Short

We want Runerra to be a safe and positive experience for everyone. That’s why we created these guidelines so that people can understand what they should and should not do, resulting in hyper-local communities that are both secure and connected.

The idea of going out on an errand run and bringing a few things back for friends or neighbors is nothing new, but having that process organized and made simple is. In every community there is a constant flow of traffic, and with Runerra you can see where all your friends are heading out, and have them delivery the things you need, right to your doorstep.

At Runerra our communities are powered by you.

Trust & Safety

It all starts with you.

Your Runerra experience begins with an interaction between people in your community. To ensure that you trust this community and feel comfortable with other members we require that you refrain from harming or threatening anyone. 


Harming yourself or others

You should not commit physical or sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, robbery, human trafficking, other acts of violence, or hold anyone against their will. Those involved with dangerous organizations such as terrorist, criminal, violent racist groups, are not welcome in this community. Runerra is committed to working with law enforcement as appropriate and responding to legitimate law enforcement requests.  




You should not have intent to harm anyone by either your words or physical actions. Threats of self-harm are taken seriously and we may intervene if we become aware of this threat. 


Creating Dangerous Situations 

You should not act in a way that can put others in dangerous situations. . You may not tamper with products in transit from store, retailer, or restaurant to the buyer. 



Theft and Vandalism

You may not damage or steal property of a restaurant, retailer or user to complete an order. 



Spam and Fraud

You should not make transactions outside of Runerra’s payments and account balance system. Committing booking fraud, credit card fraud, or laundering money is not allowed. Attempts to drive traffic to other sites or advertise other unrelated products and services; diverting payments meant for others; abusing referral system; or making false claims/reports against other members of communities is not permitted.
Violating others’ privacy

You should not enter a person’s residence/community unless previously granted access. You should not access other’s Runerra accounts without authorization or violate others’ privacy. 

Our world is diverse, unique and amazing because of it. Fairness is an essential part of creating a community marketplace that lets people integrate seamlessly regardless of their background. 



Discriminatory behavior or hate speech

You should treat everyone with respect in every interaction both online and in person. You should follow all applicable laws and not treat anyone differently because of their race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientaion, sex, disability, or serious diseases. In addition, insulting or verbally abusing others on these bases.


Bullying or harassing others

 You should not share personal information to shame or blackmail others, target others with unwanted behavior, defame others, or violate our review and content standards.
Disturbing the surrounding community

You should not disturb common spaces, treat neighbors as “front desk staff,” create a pervasive nuisance for those around you, or persistently fail to respond to neighbor or community concerns.

Because our community is built on trust, authenticity is essential in creating shared expectations, fostering honest interactions, and in providing accurate details. Our authenticity policies are intended to create a safe environment where people can trust and hold one another accountable.


Misrepresenting yourself

 You should not provide a false name or date of birth, post with the identity of another person or user, maintain duplicate accounts, or create an account if you are under 18. 

Misrepresenting your order or run

You should not provide inaccurate location information, false run details, or set up fake or fraudulent runs.



You should not spam on our platform through creating false runs, cancelling orders excessively, or using our system for displaying advertisements. 


Every Runerra experience is unique and each is specific to a community, starting with a neighbor. 
Breaking commitments

You should not cancel your run any less than 15 minutes before the scheduled run time. 
Being unresponsive

You should not be unresponsive during an active run or refuse to participate in our resolution process.

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