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Share Buncha, Get Paid

Do you love Buncha?

Share Buncha with your friends, roommates, and neighbors and get paid for it.


Share Buncha, write a review, and get paid $100.

Hey Buncha customers, if your neighbors need to hear about Buncha, let us help you get the word out. Follow the directions outlined below, and we will say thank you with $100!

To receive the $100, you must:

 ➜ Ordered at least 2 times from Buncha

  Share Buncha with your neighbors on Nextdoor

 ➜ Share Buncha on Facebook, either in a neighborhood group or a general post

 ➜ Share with your neighbors in a group chat, GroupMe, WhatsApp, email, etc.

 ➜ Post a review about Buncha in App Store or Google Play store

Here's what to include in your posts:

1. Create a new post ✏️

Open Nextdoor or Facebook and create a new "general" post. In Facebook, you can also post directly to your neighborhood page.

2. Add the image above 👆

Save the 'Weekly Delivery Schedule' image to your phone or computer. Tap the "Add photo or video" button on Nextdoor or Facebook to import the image.

3. Copy the text below ✍️ 

Feel free to add a personal note, if you'd like.

Has anybody else tried Buncha before? Grocery delivery for just $1.45?

I just started joining Buncha's weekly grocery deliveries to my neighborhood. It's a lot like the other delivery apps, but with no markups, no memberships, and only $1.45 delivery fee.

I thought there was a catch, but I guess not. You have submit your order ahead of time and you receive your order on that store's delivery day. Which is actually more helpful for me.

Here's the app if you'd like to try it out:

4. Write a review about Buncha 🗣

Give Buncha a review in the App Store or Google Play Store

5. Show us your posts 📸

Take a screenshot of your posts/review and email to to confirm! Once we receive, we will send you $100.

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