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Welcome to Pizza Karma on Buncha!

Here at Buncha, we help Pizza Karma provide weekly deliveries for neighborhoods in an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly way.

Hello and Welcome to Buncha!

Buncha is a grocery delivery app that connects neighborhoods directly with their favorite local stores for weekly neighborhood deliveries. Neighbors save together on the essentials they need from the stores they love by ordering together every week. With in-app schedules, efficient routes, and $1.45 delivery fee; Buncha is better for the people, the pocket, the planner, and the planet.


Better for the Pocket

Join each neighborhood delivery for just $1.45. With scheduled neighborhood deliveries, fees get dispersed amongst the community.


Better for the Planner.

Order this week’s groceries, dinner for Thursday night, and spirits for the weekend all in the Buncha app.


Better for the Planet.

Ordering alongside your neighbors allows for more condensed routes, less cars on the road, and up to 80% CO2 savings. 

Want to get your favorite meals from our partner, Pizza Karma?

Download our app and see when we're delivering to your neighborhood!
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