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can come to your neighborhood.

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Pick a time to get dinner group delivered with your neighbors and support this local restaurant for free. 


Dinner Drop-Off's

Pick a time with Pikup when you and your neighbors want to support and get dinner from this restaurant! 


Save when you order as a group, no delivery fees and Pikup handles everything.

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How do Dinner Drop-Off's Work?

  1. Find a day and time that your neighborhood wants a drop-off.

  2. Pick that time with Pikup using the "Pick a time" button on this page.

  3. Pikup will send you a poster to spread the word with your neighbors.

  4. Neighbors join the dinner drop-off and place their order in the Pikup app until the cut-off time.

  5. The restaurant drops off the food to each household, and you enjoy dinner with your neighbors!

Free for you and your neighbors

Save more together with Pikup. Because orders are grouped we can help restaurants and you avoid expensive fees.

We handle everything

Pikup handles all communication with the restaurant and your neighborhood so you don't have to! Just let us know when and where to be.


Let's Get Started

Bring a restaurant to your neighborhood and support your local favorites.

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