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Welcome to India Bazaar on Buncha!

Here at Buncha, we help India Bazaar provide weekly deliveries for neighborhoods in an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly way.

Buncha: Scheduled Grocery Delivery

Neighbors on Buncha save on the essentials they need by joining scheduled deliveries from their favorite stores each week for only $1.45 with no markups and no memberships. Through store partnerships and eco-friendly neighborhood routes, Buncha is better for the people, the pocket, the planner, and the planet.


How to Order India Bazaar on Buncha

1. Download the Buncha App

Download Buncha and make an account to access your neighborhood's schedule

2. Order India Bazaar for Friday deliveries

Fill your cart with all of your India Bazaar essentials. You can place your order any time up until the delivery window closes. 

3. Get India Bazaar delivered for only $1.45

Buncha will deliver your order during the delivery window provided in the app. 

Want to get your favorite products from our partner, India Bazaar?

Download our app and see when we're delivering to your neighborhood!
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